• It is now clear that, despite my having gotten bail in all my cases, the (Pakistan Democratic Movement coalition) govt intends to arrest me. Despite knowing their malafide intentions, I am proceeding to Islamabad & the court bec(ause) I believe in rule of law,

    Khan said on Twitter

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  • The reason why there is political chaos right now in Pakistan because we have a hotchpotch of a government which has failed completely,

    he said

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  • When police arrived, the PTI activists tried to stop them by pelting stones and baton attacks. In retaliation, police arrested many of them. Police had already informed the PTI leadership about the evidence collection process,

    Mir said

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  • The establishment right now somehow feels threatened by me. And that is the issue,

    he said

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  • It is also obvious now that the entire siege of Lahore was not about ensuring I appear before the court in a case but was intended to take me away to prison so that I am unable to lead our election campaign,

    he said in another tweet

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  • Ever since my government was ousted 11 months ago, there were 37 by-elections. My party has swept 30 of them,

    he said in an interview for DW

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  • The state can arrest him in five minutes, but it exercised restraint to avoid bloodshed,

    she said

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  • What is happening today in Pakistan is a violation of the Pakistan constitution as well as Pakistan’s international legal commitments and, therefore, the international community needs to take note and act so that democracy is not totally destroyed and fascism is not established within the country because that’s where it is heading right now,

    Mazari said

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  • I am going to immediately take up the contempt issue, violation of the sanctity of my home & the violence against my workers & our domestic staff with our Judiciary,

    he said

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  • The court has cancelled the arrest warrant after marking Imran Khan's attendance. The hearing has been adjourned till March 30,

    one of Khan's lawyers, Gohar Khan, told AFP

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  • Throughout our 70-75 year history, you know, (the military) have a role. But that role has to be balanced now. You have to have that equilibrium now, because that previous balance is not workable anymore,

    he said

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  • There are possible off-ramps – dialogue between the two sides, a formal announcement of an election date – but the political environment appears too charged to allow for de-escalation. Eventually, something has to give, and it may not be pretty,

    Kugelman said

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  • My life is even more at threat than it was then,

    he said, adding that he was worried about the reaction to his arrest or any attempt to assassinate him

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  • I won't be able to campaign - that's the whole thing,

    he said

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  • However, the court didn't stop us from taking action against those involved in attacking police. Today we launched an operation at 12 noon. We faced resistance from the PTI workers however we managed to control the situation and arrested 61 workers,

    he said

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  • There are 94 cases against me. If six more are registered, it will make it a century,

    Khan said while attending legal proceedings in Lahore before being granted protective bail by the provincial court in eight cases registered against him under terrorism charges

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