• We condemn violence. … But look at the anger. It’s very strong, even among our ranks,

    he said on RMC radio

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  • There is no place for violence. One must respect parliamentary democracy,

    Digital Transition and Telecommunications Minister Jean-Noel Barrot told Sud radio

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  • Food waste is our priority because it is what brings pests to the surface,

    Pierre-Marie said

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  • The government should change its position and listen to the people because what is happening is extremely serious. And we are seeing a radicalization,

    Isabelle Vergriette, 64, a psychologist, said

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  • The reform must be implemented ... Violence cannot be tolerated,

    Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire told Le Parisien newspaper

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  • The government used force to pass its bill. But we have to fight for our social achievements and the only way to do it is to take to the streets,

    she said

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  • Something fundamental happened, and that is that, immediately, spontaneous mobilisations took place throughout the country,

    hard-left leader Jean-Luc Melenchon said

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  • It’s great to use for knowing if public transport is disrupted and which routes in particular, or in the case of big demonstrations, if certain stations will be closed for safety,

    she tells Bloomberg

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  • Opposition is legitimate, protests are legitimate but causing mayhem is not,

    he told RTL radio

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  • We’re fed up. We feel like we’re being trampled on and no one is listening,

    she told the AFP news agency

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  • We are not going to stop,

    CGT union representative Régis Vieceli told The Associated Press on Friday

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  • So far, French governments have usually won in such votes of no confidence,

    said Berenberg chief economist Holger Schmieding

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