• I heard how my neighbours were shouting and there was a lot of noise,

    said Mr Cruz, a 34-year-old photographer

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  • It was horrible. I had never felt anything like this in my life,

    she said

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  • I’m close to the Ecuadorian people and assure them of my prayers for the dead and suffering,

    Francis said

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  • I have just finished visiting the city of Machala... I have ratified government support, the availability of resources,

    he said in a video posted on Twitter

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  • I went out into the street because I saw people starting to run in panic, getting out of their cars,

    Magaly Escandon, a sewing supplies saleswoman in Cuenca, told Agence France-Presse

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  • All the ministries are activated and have sufficient economic resources to immediately repair earthquake damage,

    said Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso in a statement

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  • I’ve wanted to express solidarity with the families of the dead and solidarity with those injured in the earthquake,

    he said

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  • There where the pool of blood is, I was playing with my... niece and a brick fell on her,

    her uncle David Alvarado told AFP

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  • We all ran out into the streets... we were very scared,

    Ernesto Alvarado, a resident of Isla Puna told Reuters

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  • We remain in the territory verifying the damage caused by the earthquake this morning. I want to confirm that I am with you and express my solidarity and commitment to the victims,

    Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso wrote on Twitter

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  • I am afraid of leaving and that my family will be left here alone at home,

    Cedillo said

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  • It is a relatively high magnitude for what we have in the country,

    said Mario Ruiz, director of the Ecuadorian Geophysical Institute in an interview with FM Mundo radio

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  • So far, 12 deaths are reported (11 in the province of El Oro and one in the province of Azuay),

    Ecuador's presidency said in a tweet

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  • Because of its age, that building should have been demolished already,

    Vera said of the place where his relatives died

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  • Everything in my mind was blind. I started shaking,

    she said

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  • Notable quake, preliminary info: M 6.7 - 6 km NNE of Balao, Ecuador,

    United States Geological Survey Earthquake tweeted

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  • I was really scared,

    she told “NBC Nightly News.” “Everyone outside was in the streets ... [it] was a really tough moment.”

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  • We ran from the house,

    Machala resident Exon Tobar told the BBC

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  • Ecuadorian families are not alone. The National Government is always there to offer you all its support,

    Ecuador's President Guillermo Lasso wrote on Twitter

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  • The Government has been activated on an emergency basis and the necessary care is provided to those affected by this tremor,

    the official account for Ecuador's presidential spokesperson tweeted

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  • The police officers are saying please don’t walk around here because in every moment this is going to come down,

    she said

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  • We will continue working all weekend,

    President Guillermo Lasso tweeted in a video overnight

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  • Past events with this alert level have required a regional or national level response,

    the USGS added

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