• The Swiss central bank stepping in was a necessary step to calm the flames, but it might not be sufficient to restore confidence in Credit Suisse, so there’s talk about more measures,

    said Frederique Carrier, head of investment strategy at RBC Wealth Management

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  • BlackRock is not participating in any plans to acquire all or any part of Credit Suisse, and has no interest in doing so,

    a BlackRock spokesperson told CNN

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  • The Swiss National Bank's decision to provide Credit Suisse with significant and inexpensive liquidity fell short of stabilising sentiment in both the equity and credit markets,

    Goldman Sachs analyst Lotfi Karoui wrote in a note to clients dated March 17

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  • Credit Suisse will not collapse, because the SNB is backing it,

    said Alexander Schweingruber, 22, passing the parliament in Bern

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  • Key elements of a straightforward corporate financial transaction have to be to unwind and/or sell crucial parts of the investment bank and secure continuation of the Swiss bank's business,

    Wittmann added

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  • The Swiss universal bank is a key partner for the Swiss economy,

    said Vincent Kaufmann, CEO of Ethos Foundation, which is also a Credit Suisse shareholder

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  • Zurich-headquartered Credit Suisse operates in India with just 1 branch. “Given the relevance of Credit Suisse to India’s banking sector, we see softer adjustments in assessment of counter-party risks, especially in the derivative market,

    the report said

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  • However, a more forceful policy response is likely needed to bring some stability,

    Karoui said

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  • If negotiations this weekend won't be successful then expect that CS will be under non stop fire from a falling equity price, soaring credit default swaps prices, bank counterparties cutting lines, client assets' outflows and international regulators in New York, London and Frankfurt,

    he warned

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  • Any potential deal will be littered with complexity, litigation protections being one, with the situation to remain fluid but with clarity necessary before Monday,

    Thomas Hallett, a KBW analysts said in a note to clients on Saturday

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  • We fulfill and basically overshoot all regulatory requirements. Our capital, our liquidity basis is very strong,

    chief executive Ulrich Koerner said earlier this week

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