• We call for Memphis police and officials to do everything in their power to hold Lt Smith and all of those involved fully accountable,

    lawyer Ben Crump said

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  • I just don’t like the fact that his parents are paying this officer to go on and live and that’s troubling,

    Smiley said

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  • You can be heard on another officer’s body camera telling family members that the subject was in custody for D.U.I. You did not obtain enough information on the scene to confirm those criminal charges and there was no arrest documentation to support your assumption,

    the document says

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  • You did not ask important questions such as the amount or type of force used by each of your officers involved that would have assisted in a prompt and thorough scene investigation…,

    the document says

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  • It's getting to the point now where I'm starting to get angry,

    Wells said of the evolution of her initial anguish

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